Imbi and Liebe Zwei Imbi has a new album ready for release. Taking The Plunge
Imbi Music at Imbi has been playing piano since the age of three(3). As a teenager Imbi attained her Piano Forte through the Conservatorium Of Music whilst also teaching Piano on Saturday mornings and attending High School during the week.

Imbi then became qualified Makeup Artist for T.V, Stage, Theatre and Movies. Imbi also did some makeup work with Special Effects...

Imbi then completed Three(3) years of Drama School during which time Imbi taught makeup artistry at the Drama School to pay her way through the three years.
Imbi is a scholar in all three subject, Music, Makeup Artistry and Acting.

Imbi is a Song Writer, creating both Words (Lyrics) & Music (Notation).
Playing the Comedian comes naturally to Imbi as she Loves to make people Happy doing Comedy roles.
Also of importance to Imbi is helping People learn to Believe in themselves again.
All of natures animals are important to Imbi, as much as our fragile environment which we are so quick to abuse for Profit and Greed.

Imbi came from a Chicken Farm with 6000 chickens and Imbi used to sing to them. YES, Imbi also sings and she Loves playing or acting out the parts of Male vocalists,
for example, Sweet Transvestite or taking off Vincent Price ETC.
Imbi also likes to write Poetry, and she expands her artistic skills into the designing of her Label and the various artwork required for the Video Clips.

Imbi's label is not yet on the market and interests of sponsorship are invited.
This Bio created by Liebe Zwei

Imbi - New Allbum - Taking The Plunge
Imbi - New Album - Taking The Plunge  Imbi 2008 


Bette Midler, Eurythmics, Hazel O'connor, Marrianne Faithfull, Yoko Ono - Beethoven, Bee Gees, George Harrison, Ghandi, Jesus Christ, John Lennon, Spike Milligan, Victor Borge.



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